Together, We Can Counter
Rising Antisemitism

Show the world that antisemitism has no place to hide when our stars shine bright! Post a picture or video on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook and use the hashtag #OwnYourStar to showcase YOUR Jewish pride—whether that’s by displaying the hamsa or Star of David on your necklace, or sharing a memorable Jewish experience.

Let’s Stop Hate with Jewish Pride

For nearly 2,000 years, the Star of David has been a proud symbol of Jewish heritage. But it has also been used to terrorize the Jewish community and spread hate.

And antisemitism is rising again. Over the past decade, antisemitic incidents on college campuses have tripled. That’s not okay.

That’s why we want you to show how you #OwnYourStar — whether that’s wearing it on necklaces and sweatshirts, or simply sharing why you’re proud to be Jewish.

Join us in calling out and resisting antisemitism. Now is the time to rise up, shine bright, and #OwnYourStar.

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Powerful Ways to #OwnYourStar

Let’s stand up to antisemitism by using the hashtag #OwnYourStar to share stories of Jewish pride, love, and celebration!

Share YOUR Story

Need some ideas? Show off your chai or Star of David necklace, or share a memorable Jewish experience.

You don’t have to be Jewish to #OwnYourStar. Read and share this Guide to Countering Antisemitism with Six Points!

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Your Jewish friends and loved ones deeply appreciate your support, allies!

With our ‘ANTI-Antisemitism club’ sweatshirt AND sticker pack, you can show the world that antisemitism has no place to hide when our stars shine bright.

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